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Getting your hands on Augmented Reality: Part 1. An Introduction

AR Capable Devices

Augmented Reality (AR) is worth keeping an eye on because there’s every chance that it will touch your personal and professional life.

It is forecast to eclipse even its more famous sibling, the sky-rocketing Virtual Reality (VR) by 2018. With the two achieving a combined industry value of US$150 Billion by 2020.

Best of all you can try it out with just a tablet or smartphone, and current contenders playing in the AR headset space all do double duty as VR headsets.

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Kinky Blindfolds and the Virtual Reality Revival


Ever wonder about the people on your news-feed grasping tentatively at empty air with goofy grins and a shiny box strapped to their face?

You will be relieved (or disappointed) to discover that this is not some kinky Fifty Shades movement, and those are not chunky blindfolds, it’s a Virtual Reality (VR) revival.

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(Published 24 March 2016. The image for this post was photographed within, in artist Gem Preiz’s Heritage exhibition)